Jesus’ call

What was Jesus’ call to the first disciples? Is it still the same for members of the ADF today? How does that shape how we live?

Jesus’ call to fishermen in Galilee








In Mark 1:16-20, Jesus calls four fishermen to follow him – to redirect their lives to ‘catching’ people instead of fish. What/who is Jesus seeking? Some company as he travels? Men to speak for him? To do his dirty work? Jesus seeks these men to know him, promote his gospel and be totally committed to his cause.


Jesus’ call to members of the ADF








Jesus’ call hasn’t really changed…He still seeks people to know him and to know God the Father through him, by his Spirit. People who actively promote the gospel, boldly sharing what they know of Jesus with others. People who stay totally committed to God’s eternal kingdom building purposes.


Sharing Jesus’ call








These days we are either too frightened or too forceful when it comes to evangelism. GospelTalk is a great course to get to the happy medium between these 2 extremes. Check out all the GospelTalk resources on our website here and our YouTube channel here. Then gather together a few Christians from your unit / base / ship and get into it!

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